Safe Rides to Day Care

Guidelines for Parents
Car crashes are the number one cause of death and serious injury for children. Do you know how to keep your child as safe as possible on every ride?


Guidelines for Child Care Providers
How can you protect the children in your care and also protect yourself and your business from liability? Make sure you know how to drive safely with children of all ages.


Child Care Provider Transportation Information Form
Providers: Show your commitment to transporting children safely by completing this form and making it available to parents. Make sure you are using safe car seats properly, as required by California law.


Answers to frequently asked questions:
How do I choose the right kind of seat for my child?
Are used car seats safe?
Is my child’s safety seat on recall?
How long should children ride facing the back of the car?
How can you tell if a child is ready to wear just a safety belt?
Why should children ride in the back seat?
How can I keep my child from getting out of his safety seat?
Can I get a ticket if I make a car seat error?


This program was developed by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. with the support of California Kids’ Plates.