Group Subscription Membership Package

In collaboration with Safe Ride News Publications, SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. is offering a special group subscription/membership package for program managers, Certified CPS Technicians, and Technician-Instructors. It will provide essential materials to keep your program up-to-date and reduce liability. In addition, each member of the group may earn CEUs for subscriptions to SafetyBeltSafe News and Safe Ride News.


Each subscriber/member in the group will receive:

    • SafetyBeltSafe News a bi-monthly newsletter on child passenger safety and advocacy.
    • SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. Recall Update Service email notification of new or revised materials and recalls.
    • List of Recalls and Replacement Parts for Child Restraints┬á(Online access to a printable version) revised every time there is a new recall, this is the most comprehensive recall list available. In addition to official recalls, it includes information about other replacement parts provided voluntarily by manufacturers. All child restraints made within the past 10 years are listed by manufacturer. This is followed by a list of the child restraints with no recalls in effect. This feature saves time since it allows parents and checkers to know “when to stop.” It also can prevent the dangerous error of assuming a child restraint is not recalled because the model name searched is incorrect.
    • Internet Access to New Child Restraint Instructions to reduce liability by making sure Technicians at your checkup events and fitting stations have access to the latest child restraint manufacturer’s instructions. Subscribers can download and print new instructions, as they become available, to supplement the current USB.
    • Safe Ride News a bi-monthly newsletter on child occupant protection and related traffic safety issues (a $58 value).


For more information about group subscriptions, please email