Booster Resources

“Boosters Are For Big Kids” on USB
For use in classrooms with our curricula for K-3 or grades 4-5.
Designed to motivate children to use boosters (part 1) and to explain the 5-Step Test to parents and   parent-volunteers who assist in 5-Step Test segment in parking lot (part 2 (segment in English and Spanish).
Order the “Boosters Are For Big Kids” USB


“Boosters Are For Big Kids” Kit
Includes curricula and USB.


Reproducible Flyers
Boosters Are For Big Kids! (#630 PDF)
Los “Boosters” Son Para Niños Grandes (#630s PDF)
Gives simple guidelines with drawings to tell if a child is big enough to show if child fits in safety belt alone or still needs a booster seat.
Try the 5-Step Test Today! (#634 PDF)
A simple questionnaire for parents to fill out with their children at booster education events.


Booster Posters, Bookmarks, and Bumper Stickers
Boosters Are For Big Kids
Does Your Child Need a Booster?
5-Step Test
(11” x 17”, laminated for teaching)
Boosters Are For Big Kids Bumper Sticker
“School bus yellow” background with black (English) or red (Spanish) print; 5-Step Test printed on peel-off backing.

Boosters Are For Big Kids Bookmark
Bookmark for children explaining the 5-Step Test, recommending back seat to age 15. Colorful educational piece, available in English or Spanish.

“Reaching Out with the Message: Boosters Are For Big Kids”
Presented by Stephanie M. Tombrello, LCSW, CPSTI
Executive Director, SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.
KIDZ in Motion Conference, August 2005, Orlando, FL