Booster Resources

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"Boosters Are For Big Kids" DVD

For use in classrooms with our curricula for K-3 or grades 4-5.

Designed to motivate children to use boosters and to explain the 5-Step Test to parents.

Parent segment is in English and Spanish.

View the video (requires Windows Media Player).

"Boosters Are For Big Kids" Kit

Includes curricula and DVD.

Reproducible Flyers

Boosters Are For Big Kids! (#630 PDF)

Los “Boosters” Son Para Niños Grandes (#630s PDF)

Gives simple guidelines with drawings to tell if a child is big enough to use safety belts alone or still needs a booster seat.

Try the 5-Step Test Today! (#634 PDF)

A simple questionnaire for parents to fill out with their children at booster education events.

Booster Posters, Bookmarks, and Bumper Stickers

Boosters Are For Big Kids

Does Your Child Need a Booster?

5-Step Test

(11” x 17”, laminated for teaching)

Boosters Are For Big Kids Bumper Sticker

"School bus yellow" background with black (English) or red (Spanish) print; 5-Step Test printed on peel-off backing.

Boosters Are For Big Kids Bookmark

Bookmark for children explaining the 5-Step Test, recommending back seat to age 15. Colorful educational piece.

"Reaching Out with the Message: Boosters Are For Big Kids"

Presented by Stephanie M. Tombrello, LCSW, CPSTI

Executive Director, SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.

KIDZ in Motion Conference, August 2005, Orlando, FL

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