American Academy of Pediatrics

Policy Statements

Selecting and Using the Most Appropriate Car Safety Seats for
    Growing Children: Guidelines for Counseling Parents
(Pediatrics 109(3):550,Mar 2002)

Safe Transportation of Newborns at Hospital Discharge
(Pediatrics 104(4):986,Oct 1999; Reaffirmed May 2006)

Safe Transportation of Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants at Hospital Discharge
(Pediatrics 123(5):758,May 2009)

Transporting Children with Special Health Care Needs
(Pediatrics 104(4)988,Oct 1999; Reaffirmed May 2013)

School Bus Transportation of Children With Special Needs
108(2):516,Aug 2001)

School Transportation Safety (Pediatrics 97(5):754,May 1996, Reaffirmed October 2011)

Children in Pickup Trucks (Pediatrics 2000;106(4),Oct 2000)

Restraint Use on Aircraft (Pediatrics 108(5):1218,Nov 2001; 108(5):1218-122, Reaffirmed October 2008)

Policy Statement Child Passenger Safety (Pediatrics 127(4):788 April 2011)

Technical Report Child Passenger Safety (Pediatrics 127(4):788 April 2011)